October 6, 2011

Vegan MoFo Day 6 - Vegan Package Swap!

Aside from this being the first year I am participating in Vegan MoFo, it's also the first year I participated in the Vegan Care Package Swap! It is hosted by Lindsay over at Cook, Vegan, Lover and to participate I just submitted my name to her back in September and was paired up with someone to swap care packages with. I was paired up with Michelle from lovinlivinvegan and can I say it has just been a joy getting to know Michelle over the past few weeks! Michelle lives in Tennessee and I live in New York, so it's been awesome to compare and contrast what it's like to be a vegan in such different geographic locations. I told her early on that it was so exciting to chat with her over e-mail because I don't even know any vegans in "real life"! She's such a sweetie and I'm sure our friendship will continue even after the care package swap concludes!

I received Michelle's package on Tuesday and it was such a lovely feeling to open up a big box of amazing vegan goodies that were all hand-picked just for me! Here's what I got: a spice mix for roasted veggies and fries; dried mango chips; Yogi Calming tea; granola bites; some crackers from a country store; Vitamin C lollipops; coconut flour; all-purpose sauce; a cute little chick scrubber; and (not pictured) a bag of Sea Salt PopCorners popcorn chips and some Nana's chocolate cookie bars! That's a lot of stuff!

So far, I have already inhaled the entire bag of PopCorners (those things are good!) and last night I cracked open the mango chips, only to find they had disappeared a few minutes later. Who knew dried mango slices could be so darn tasty? I also sampled the Nana's cookie bars - which are vegan AND gluten-free - and they're quite delicious. And the Vitamin C lollipops are so genius - Johnny is battling a cold right now that I don't want to catch and there's no yummier way to boost my Vitamin C intake than by sucking on a lolli. I can't wait to try all the other items, I'm especially excited to try to Coconut Flour and will be hunting for just the right recipe to use it in. 

Thanks so much to Lindsay for hosting and organizing the swap, it's such a great way to get to know a fellow vegan! And thanks to Michelle for being so rad and for sending me such a thoughtful care package! (Michelle will hopefully be receiving her package on Friday, so be sure to check out her blog for her upcoming post! Plus her blog is just really cool to read anyway)


  1. What a great package! I love getting fun post like that.

  2. What a sweet post! Thank you for your kind words, and you can count on our friendship continuing. :o)
    I'm so glad you liked everything. I can't wait to see what you make with the coconut flour. I knew those PopCorners wouldn't last long...they sure don't at my house. :o)
    I hope the vitamin c lollipops help Johnny to fight his cold, and prevent you from catching it!

  3. Hi Vegan.in.brighton - I couldn't agree more, getting something other than bills and catalogs I didn't order in the mail was such a treat!

    Michelle - Still enjoying everything you sent! I tried the corn chips w/ flax seed last night and they were awesome! I will try out that coconut flour this weekend I think and post about it. Hope your package arrives today!

  4. I so love this idea of a Vegan Care Package Swap! I want to sign up. Is it just once a year like MOFO?

  5. Hi Debbie! The one on Lindsay's blog - Cook, Vegan, Lover - is once a year. I think some other blogs host swaps, too. Maybe just try Googling "vegan care package swap" and see what you get? You should definitely join next year, it's so much fun!