Helpful Resources

Here are links to resources that have provided some invaluable information to me:

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has a wonderful web-site. The committee is a group of doctors led by Dr. Neal Barnard who encourage a plant-based diet. They believe that food should be treated as medicine and have documented the reversal of many diseases due to radical changes in diet. The site is a great source for nutrition info and recipes.

PETA always has tons of information about veganism or vegetarianism. I especially like their page Accidentally Vegan which details popular foods (like Oreos!) that are vegan without even trying to be.

Vegan Essentials is an on-line store for all your vegan needs including cosmetics, clothing, and food. Checkout the Vegan Danish Kringle from Larsen Bakery. It's a breakfast pastry that comes in different flavors - I've tried the cherry and the almond and they are to die for! I also order my multivitamin from here: the Deva Tiny Tabs. They only contain the minimum RDA of vitamins and minerals, rather than 8,998% like some other brands, and they're totally vegan.

Happy Cow is a great site that helps you find vegan or vegetarian restaurants in your neighborhood. Just plug in your address and it will help you figure out where to eat! Especially useful when traveling.  

Farm Sanctuary is a wonderful organization dedicated to rescuing farm animals. They bring animals who would otherwise be slaughtered to one of their farms and let them live out their days in peace. I adopted a turkey through their program last Thanksgiving and hope to visit their farm in upstate New York as soon as the weather allows!

Finally, if you're looking for other awesome vegan blogs, check out My Blog List on the right-side of my homepage. I've compiled a list of blogs that I love and that inspire me in many ways!