October 19, 2011

I'm Injured - Vegan MoFo Tapout

Hi guys... As you may have noticed, it's been quite some time since I last posted. Yep, instead of "MoFoing" I've been "NoFoing". ((hangs head in shame)) Sadly, I've been dealing with some nasty health problems and cooking/blogging just haven't been in the cards.

I woke up last Thursday to a terrible, dull ache in my back. It's not my first time at the "Back Pain Rodeo" (apparently, it's where I hold all my stress), so I called in sick to work and started looking around for chiropractors in my area who accept my insurance. I got an adjustment that day and seemed to be feeling a bit better, but as the weekend wore on, I found I could barely breathe without whimpering. I went back to the chiro and got another adjustment on Monday evening, but by yesterday afternoon I was sitting at my desk at work and fighting back tears because my back hurt so much. I am NOT the girl who cries at work, dammit! Back to the chiro I went.

I tried to explain in greater detail the pain I was feeling, the panic of not being able to take a full breath without feeling like I was being shanked with a ballpoint pen, and my overall frustration with the situation. She felt around and realized that I had three rib heads out of place (three!!!) and said that was likely the reason I couldn't breathe. She popped them back in and, at my request, sent me uptown to get some x-rays done. Results of the x-rays are forthcoming.

I am breathing a bit easier today, but am I ever sore! I've just been trying to take it WAY easy and resting as much as possible. That means missing the sneak preview of "Paranormal Activity 3" last night (sniffle) and not cooking a scrap all week. Fingers crossed that I'll stay on the path to recovery and be back in the kitchen by this weekend. I'm super tired of over-salted take out and I really miss participating in Vegan MoFo!

Until then, stay well my peeps.



  1. Aw. Sorry to hear about your injury, I hope you're in less pain soon!

  2. So sorry you're not feeling well! I hope someone comes and cooks some really good food for you and that your ribs get better soon.

  3. Oh my, that is horrible! Feel better soon!

  4. what a shame! Are you feeling any better?

  5. I'm so sorry about your injury! Sounds painful! I hope you get to feeling better soon....very soon!

  6. Hope you're feeling better now!

  7. Thanks everyone! I am finally starting to feel a bit more like myself. Still working through a sore back and ribs, but much better overall. Hope to be back to blogging very soon!!

  8. Back pain! Argh! Having one is excruciating. Some people experience lower back pain and got the best out of them, leaving them crouching on their beds. Most of them even fail to go to work. If the pain has become intolerable, it'd be best to seek help from a specialist or a chiro. Doing so won't leave anyone regretting the decision for sure.