September 23, 2011

The Odd Couple Eats featured on and Vegan MoFo 411

Awesome news! The lovely people over at have named The Odd Couple Eats as one of the "14 Best Cooking Blogs of the Moment"! What an honor to be alongside such legends as The Pioneer Woman, The Gluten-Free Girl, and my own personal favorite, Cake Wrecks!  (Hey, maybe I'll try to veganize one of those beautiful dessert monstrosities someday...)

Also, maybe you've seen that cute little orange logo on the right-side of my page? The one that screams "VEGAN MOFO 2011!"? For those of you not familiar, Vegan MoFo refers to "Vegan Month of Food". Each year, vegan food bloggers sign-up and pledge to blog every single day for an entire month (or as close to every single day as you can get). It's like NaNoWriMo but waaaaay yummier. This is a chance for our ragtag community to flex our cooking muscles, whip up some crazy delicious food, and stretch the limits of what "food blogging" can mean. I'm stoked! 

This year, Vegan MoFo takes place throughout October and it's my first year participating.  I've been trying to dream up some awesome themes to work with throughout the month and I think I'm gonna do a different theme for each day of the week: Sunday - Brunch Recipes; Tuesday - Dinner on the Cheap; etc. Any ideas out there you'd love to see me tackle? Just post them in the Comments section below! One blog is doing a whole month of True Blood themed food (ewww)!

That's all for now, my little veggie dumplings! Have a splendid Friday!

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