March 30, 2011

Restaurant Review - 'Snice

We have an official stand-in for Johnny here at The Odd Couple Eats! A couple weekends ago Johnny was out of town so I made dinner plans with my awesome cousin-in-law, Kelly. She is so much fun and always willing to try a new vegan place with me. In fact, it was she who suggested 'sNice, a place that she and her co-workers order lunch from on occasion! Good lookin' out, Kel! We went to their newish location in Soho at 55 Sullivan Street. The menu is all vegetarian/vegan (with the vegan options clearly marked) and they have many salads, sandwiches, coffee drinks and baked goods from which to choose. 'sNice to have options!
Kelly looks so Irish with that clover in the background! Cute!
Set in the coolest of neighborhoods, 'sNice is very low-key, more like a cafe than a restaurant. Despite the many vegan options, there really wasn't much of a debate for me, I knew what I wanted right away: the Tempeh Reuben. The tempeh is prepared much in the same way as tempeh bacon: marinated, sliced and (I think) pan-fried. It was served on multigrain toast and topped with sauerkraut, vegan thousand island dressing, and Daiya cheese. All I can say is YUM! It was so, so good! The bread was toasted to perfection, the cheese was melty and gooey, the tempeh was smoky and nutty, and having a vegan creamy-type dressing is a huge bonus. Kelly stuck with a sandwich she'd had before and knew she liked: the Brie, Pear and Arugula with raspberry mustard. It was just as good as she remembered it and she said the dressing was especially good. Before we left, I grabbed one of their vegan Chocolate Espresso cookies. Wow, was that thing awesome! Unlike most vegan cookies I've had, it did not resemble a breakfast bar. Instead, it was thin, crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle and it had entire roasted espresso beans. Wish I had grabbed about ten more! 

Tempeh Reuben with side salad
Kelly's Brie, Pear & Arugula with raspberry mustard and a side salad
'sNice is a great place for lunch, coffee, or a casual dinner. If I lived closer I would totally order delivery WAY too often! Soho and the West Village are such gorgeous parts of town, I will certainly make the effort to explore them more often and revisit 'sNice in the near future!


  1. Oh, man! I love tempeh reubens. The one you got sounds/looks delicious!

    Thanks for the well-wishes! :) I'm sure I'll be better soon. I'll def come back later today to check out your soup recipe. I have a Nourishing Noodle Soup on my site that I LOOOOVE, but you can never have too many healing soup recipes, can you? ;)

    Also, I'm finally adding you to my blogroll! I kept meaning to, but then I would get distracted & forget. I love your site & I think lots of others will find it helpful & inspiring, too!


  2. Yay! You added me to your blog roll! I feel like an official blogger now! It's freaking hard to get your name out there, ya know? Thanks Jessica, you rule! :-D