February 22, 2011

Vegan-friendly Gifts

Hello, hope everyone had a great extended weekend! New York went from 67 degrees on Friday to SNOW yesterday. I can't keep up with this weather! Oh well, guess I'll have to wear my Jambu Colorado Vegan snow boots for a few more weeks. :-)

Just wanted to take a minute to give a few shoutouts. We've been receiving a lot of unexpected gifts lately from friends and family and it's been so nice! I love when the UPS guy comes and I'm puzzling over what the heck I ordered and forgot about, and it turns out to be a nice surprise from a loved one! 

This is a lovely Valentine's Day basket that my parents sent us from Sun Flour Baking Company. What an awesome company to support! All of their products are vegan and they offer lots of wheat and gluten-free treats, too. This basket had three gluten-free Cinnamon Twist cookies (but I had already eaten two by the time I took this picture!) and some chocolate hearts. I'm amazed at how delicious the cookies are, they are made with pinto bean flour which seems like it would have a strange taste, but if I didn't know these were vegan or GF, I would never have guessed it. Thanks Mom and Dad!

This is a truly indulgent tea set that Johnny's parents sent us from Teavana. There is a location at La Encantada in Tucson and they have stores nationwide. We received a beautiful cast iron teapot with two matching cups and coasters and a huge assortment of teas with reuseable tin canisters. Wow! I am trying to make the move from coffee to tea because I hate the feeling of being addicted to caffeine and tea has so many health benefits. We tried the Swiss Vervaine Melange Herbal tea last night and OMG. I am in love! It looks a bit like potpourri, but the taste is fruity and slightly sweet. Really, really good! Thanks so much you guys and it was awesome to see you this weekend!

And finally, we got a huge surprise yesterday from our great friends, Jen and Dave. We got a massive assortment of goodies from Cherry Moon Farms including oranges, apples, pears, candied walnuts, pistachios and jelly beans...

And also from Cherry Moon Farms, I got a beautiful assortment of Lavender Fields of Provence bath items! I have to say, fruit is an awesome gift! I had to go grocery shopping right after we got this and it was made so much easier when I didn't have to buy a bunch of fruit for the week. Not to mention, if you're not sure if someone has food allergies or restrictions, you're pretty much always safe sending fruit. Yum! And the bath stuff smells amaaaaazing, I can't wait to take a long, relaxing bath with a cup of tea and a vegan cookie.

Anyhow, I don't know what the heck we've done to deserve such great gifts (and people in our lives), but we truly appreciate each and every one of you! Have a great day!

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  1. And a special shout out to the little birdie who sent us your address. ;-)