January 16, 2011

My first post!

That's me - your humble blogstress - having an ale at McSorley's

Hello, internet universe! My name is Hally and this is my first post on my new blog, The Odd Couple Eats. As you may have already read, I live in New York City with my husband, Johnny. I have been a vegan for a few months now and throughout my journey I have been buying foods I had never heard of in my life (umeboshi plums, anyone?) and working my way through a slew of recipes - some good, some inedible. My goal is always to cook healthy food that is free of all animal products (meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, honey, etc.) and that actually TASTES GOOD. I know some people think this is an impossibility, but I am here to ensure you that if you know what you're doing, it is not only possible, but can be easy. Johnny is an omnivore, meaning he eats meat and everything else, though his diet is restricted for health reasons. This balancing act can make it tough to find foods that we both can eat and enjoy, but we've had a lot of success, and it is this info I want to share with the world!

Johnny and I in front of the Rockerfeller Center Tree this year!

I am working to develop some original recipes to share with you all, but will also review recipes that I've tried from cookbooks and other blogs. I'll also share reviews for restaurants in NYC and Tucson (my hometown!) and for vegan foods and products that I've purchased. And lastly, I'll share info on vegan and eco-friendly household products, make-up, and clothing that I purchase. There are a LOT of products and recipes out there and I know it can be tough to know which are worth trying and which aren't. My foremost goal is to make it as easy as possible for others to incorporate veganism into their own lives. It's a lifestyle I'm passionate about as it's good for the planet, our bodies, and for our furry friends! (I sound like such a hippie.)

Peace and love,


  1. Hi Hally.

    My name is Marc and, in reading fellow vegan blogs, it looks like we have a lot in common. I just became vegan in March after many many years of irresponsible eating. Also, I had a very similar idea to share my experience and some great recipes with family and friends (and whoever else wants to read about it). I am now following your blog and I'd love it if you would take a minute to look at mine:


    Good luck, congrats on the shout out from Alicia Silverstone, and I'd love to keep in contact!


  2. Hi Marc! Your blog looks great! I have added it to my Reading List so I can keep up with your posts. I LOVE that your dog is named Egon - how cool!